Anne-Marie & John
We started Winterhawk Pottery in the year 2000, and opened our first studio in 2001. It was made up of two 10’ x 20’ tents and a dirt floor. We knew nothing about the business of making pots, but were lucky enough to meet two willing teachers, Jerry and Kathy Chappelle of Happy Valley Pottery. They spent countless hours teaching and encouraging us until we could fly on our own.

Today we have a thriving pottery business that is exciting and challenging everyday. All this is possible because of our wonderful family and friends who work with us and encourage us along this path made of clay.
Margit (Anne-Marie’s mom)
A.K.A. “The Wax Queen”, has been with us since 2004.  Margit waxes 98% of the pottery that you have in your gallery.  It is her attention to detail and commitment to quality that makes our art look so good.  In addition to waxing, she is also a talented thrower. She throws seed pots, salsa pots, and anything else she desires.  This year, look for a new line of dinnerware from her.
Josh (son)
Josh is The Mud Man, what more can we say. Since joining us full-time in 2005, he has combined his love of drawing with his natural instinct to play in the mud. Josh is responsible for throwing all the ceremonial pieces and specialty items. His artistic skills and mechanical abilities are a tremendous asset to our studio.
Sara-Beth Sarah-Beth (daughter)
a.k.a. Bethers, brings sunlight into the studio.  Her bright and fun disposition is a joy to be around.  Sarah-Beth works in the casting area, assists customers in the gallery, helps Anne-Marie with office work, and photographs every new piece we make.  In her spare time, Sarah-Beth attends school (eighth grade), and loves to dance and loves horseback riding.
David David and Karen Two Dove
In 2007, David and Karen Two Dove joined Winterhawk Pottery.  Throughout the year, David and Karen work in the studio on special projects.  They also represent our product in Florida.  Together they bring over 25 years sales experience and a unique artistic eye that enhances our line.  Their son Damien is an avid Grass Dancer and has won several prizes for his dancing.
Adam Adam Johnson
A new face to the Winterhawk workers. He helps with mold making and sanding.  Adam is also a chef, and we hope one day he will make us a fantastic lunch. 
Lucas Lucas Aguilar
Lucas joined Winterhawk Pottery in the Summer of 2008. Lucas assists in the casting area, rolls slabs, colors and is the comic relief in the studio. In his spare time, Lucas enjoys drawing and plays music.
Phoenix Reinhold Phoenix Reinhold
Phoenix is responsible for casting handling, trimming, and assists with glazing, coloring, and waxing. She calls this “her healing place”.